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Smart "Songbook" for Singer-Strummers

ChordStar on mobile

Songbook anywhere

Play in the comfort of your own home(!) on your laptop or desktop. Enjoy the song library on your smartphone or tablet for when it's safe to play outside.

Automatic scroll

Play songs from start-to-finish without pausing strumming to scroll sheet music. The lyrics and chords will auto-scroll so you don't have to. No more flipping pages!

Play-along option

It's helpful to play along to a music track, especially when learning new songs. Plus, it's fun to sing and strum along - like in carpool karaoke... car also optional.


ChordStar is designed and developed by a hobby ukulele and guitar player. I love to sing and strum my favourite songs, and I'd love it even more if I can:

1. Play songs from start-to-finish without pausing to turn a page
2. Learn new songs with option to play along to music tracks
3. Have my fav songs in a handy library to play anywhere at home*

If you agree with the above, you may enjoy ChordStar!
J. (Yep! It's my codename... I'll share my story some other day.)

*Huge THANKS ❤️ to all essential services and health workers during this pandemic.

How can I try ChordStar?

ChordStar is currently in testing phase with limited invitations. Please sign-up below, and let me know how you heard about ChordStar. Thanks for your patience! 😊